Our Business

We have estimated that around 11 square kilometres of festival banners are used at Dutch festivals each year, most of them are used only once.

What do we do at Benniepack?

Bennie is a sustainable business created in 2019 and ran by a team of students from Utrecht. Bennie is connected to Enactus, where students get a chance to contribute to a more sustainable future by bringing social entrepreneurship into practice. 

At bennie, we are convinced that every small step can help to achieve the future we dream of. A future in which resources are treated with care and where circularity is the norm, in line with United Nations SDG 12. 

We collect banners from festivals and turn them into robust, waterproof and unique bags. This way we contribute to promoting sustainability not only at the festival, but also in the fashion industry. 

How are the benniepacks produced?

Currently the bags are produced by Utrechters with a distance from the regular job market. This way we try to contribute a little bit extra towards an inclusive society. Because the bags are produced locally, our Bennie bags don’t have to travel all over country to get to you. This makes our bags even more sustainable!

Who do we work with?

For our current batch of benniepacks we got help from the social workplace ‘Echt Waar’, who transformed the collected banners into the fashionable bags they are now.