Our mission

Our Mission

The Netherlands is well-known for its festival culture, as every year more than a 1000 festivals take place in our small country. But… did you know that per person that attends a festival 3.1kg of waste is being created?!

Fortunately, a lot of festivals are already taking action to reduce their waste number. However festival banners that are used for decoration create a problem. We estimated that Dutch festivals produced over 11000 m2 of festival banners in 2019. The banners often contain names and dates, so they are no longer useful after-use and end up on the waste pile. 

This is where we step in!


With Bennie we upcycle old festival banners into sustainable and fashionable bags!

We reduce the waste produced by festivals and create awareness among young party people. As Bennie we believe in circular partying, therefore we help to make the festivals futureproof.

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